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sewage water treatment plant
Sewage treatment process

Sewage at the Eastern Treatment Plant goes through three treatment stages to produce Class A recycled water.

Primary treatment

Primary treatment includes:

filtering out large objects like cotton buds, rags and other rubbish, using fine screens
aerating the sewage to remove finer particles like grit and sand
sedimentation, where heavy items sink to the bottom forming a layer called sludge – the settled sludge and floating debris is pumped to larger tanks, known as digesters, where it is broken down by bacteria

Secondary treatment

In secondary treatment, different types of bacteria exist side by side in aerobic (with oxygen) and anoxic (without oxygen) environments, breaking down organic material and removing nutrients in the plant's aeration tanks. The water then passes through sedimentation tanks where more sludge settles to the bottom to finally produce clear treated water at the top, also known as secondary effluent.

The treated secondary effluent flows to large holding ponds before it enters the tertiary treatment stage of the plant.
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