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domestic R.O. System

We provide Domestic RO Systems that are meant to be used on hard and salty water from the ground. These systems are specially appreciated for their long lasting nature, effective protection, easy to install feature and cost-effectiveness.

Efficacy of the crystal clear water is quite high and this in turn makes it healthy and safe. These can be easily installed easily and is known to remove all the dissolved impurities.

Aqua Gold
Technical Specification for Aqua Clean
Parameters Stage
RO Membrane 1812 - 75GPD
Flow Rate 15 ** litres/hr.
TDS Reduction 90% (approx.)
Purification Stages 6
Storage Tank Capacity 180 litres
Max. Duty Cycle 75 litres/day
Min. Inlet Water Pressure 0.3 kg/cm2
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Aqua Standard
Technical Specification for Aqua Standard
Parameters Stage
Pre Filter 10"x5"MicronPoly Propylene.USA
Pre Filter 10" Granulated Coconut Shell Carbon
Carbon Filter 10" Activated Carbon Block Filter
Membrane(Filmtech,USA) 75 GPD
Post Carbon Filter Post carbon Filter
Flow 10 LPH
Water Rejection 60% (Approx.)
Fitting Smart Q.C Fitting
Aqua Magic
Technical Specification for Aqua Magic
Parameters 12 liter
Technology  RO+UV+UF+
Production capacity 11-15 liters
Power rating 25 watts
Net Wt./Gross Wt.     10 Kgs.
% Reduction in TDS 90 to 95% Approx.
Packing Dimension 300x260x540mm(LxWxH)
Aqua Star
Technical Specification for Aqua Star
Parameters 10 liter hydraulic tank
Technology     RO + Minerals
Production capacity     11-12 liters PH
Power rating  25 watts
Net Wt./Gross Wt. 12 kgs.
% Reduction in TDS  90 to 95% Approx.
Packing Dimension  300x260x515mm (LxWxH)
Aqua Pearl
Technical Specification for Aqua Pearl
Parameters Stage
Pre Filter 5 micron
Anti-Scalant Polyphosphate
Sediment Filter 5 Micron
Pre-Carbon Filter Lodine No.1100
R.O. Memberane 75gpd  
Mineral Balls  
Aqua Prima
Technical Specification for Prima
Parameters 10 liter
Technology RO
Tank capacity 10 liter
Production capacity   11-12 liters
Power rating  25 watts
Net Wt./Gross Wt. 10 kgs.
% Reduction in TDS 90 to 95% Approx.
Packing Dimension 300x260x515mm  (LxWxH)
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